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For English-speaking visitors :) Welcome !

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Lugemata postitus Postitas Primo » 18 Juul 2006, 14:39

You are welcome to join us on next monday at 20.00 .BTW, if you come earlier and order something to eat or drink, ask a discount from the bar :wink:

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Lugemata postitus Postitas Ronk » 18 Juul 2006, 15:13

InterFace kirjutas:Hm strange, why im Anonymous allways. Anyway a useful website is . Just enter the address and it shows it to you. You can zoomin/zoomout too.
e.g. "Liimi 1" . Thats Buffalo Pub
Or you can always use Tallinn city homepage's map.

Click here

Click on "sõiduplaneerija" on the right side and then enter your starting address in the box "Algus" and the destination address (Liimi 1, Buffalo pub) in the box "Lõpp". Then click on the button "Arvuta teekond". Then it's gonna calculate the quickest way from anywhere to everywhere at Tallinn city.


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