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Hello from Poland

Lugemata postitus Postitas MZrider » 09 Juun 2005, 02:00

Hello everybody :D
I have just found your forum. Let me introduce myself.

I come from Poznan in Poland, I am 28 years old bike-tourist. I like to travel mostly in Scandinavia but not only there. This year I want to go around Baltic Sea and later go to Transilvania in Romania and visit Dracula's castle :twisted:
During my first travel I will go trough Estonia. I have never been there yet. I have seen some pictures from Tallinn. This is very beautifull city. Especially because castles and fortresses, you have a lot of them!

If anybody would like to help me with some informationd about Estonia I will be thankfull.

Big regards to all of you :bsmile:

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Lugemata postitus Postitas t7pi » 09 Juun 2005, 09:34

hello and welcome!

you should ask specificly, it's more convenient to answer your questions.... you want to know about hotels and events and stuff? or what? :)

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Lugemata postitus Postitas MZrider » 09 Juun 2005, 13:28

I see that a lot of people read it- 150 views from 12 hours. This forum lives.
I will arrive to Estonia from Helsinki to Tallinn. I am not sure if I will go trough Sankt Petersburg. This is a big problem because of visa which fortunatelly I mustn't have going back to Poland but officers often don't know that.
Anyway I want to visit Tallinn and propably this big two islands if they are interesting.
My main problem is to find any cheap place to sleep during 1 or 2 nights in Tallinn. Best will be a save place when we could leave our 2 bikes.
And second problem is to find all interesting monuments, castles in Tallinn. Maybe anybody would like to lead us in one afternoon and show us the capital? :roll:
I can pay back for it the same way during your travel to Poland :)

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Lugemata postitus Postitas Luury » 09 Juun 2005, 15:07

Here's a good place to look for.
http://www.tourism.tallinn.ee/?setLang= ... 14ff2c36cf
And accomodation problem..
Here you can find hotels, guesthouses......in Tallinn.

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Lugemata postitus Postitas MidnightSun » 09 Juun 2005, 23:47

MZrider, I liked your pictures from your tours.

I live in sweden and last summer I toured the baltic sea, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Norway.

What can I say about Tallinn, well it's a nice city. It's also a popular city for tourist so prices for hotel rooms are fairly expensive. I stayed at a hotel called Tatari 53. It is within a walking distance from the city center.

This year my plan is to go by ferry from Stockholm to Gdansk and from there continue to Krakow. And from there to austria, germany and back to sweden.

Tatari 53 website


Well, hiope you enjoy your tour.

Take care

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Lugemata postitus Postitas MZrider » 11 Juun 2005, 20:25

Really nobody knows any cheap bungalow nearby Tallinn?? It doesn't have to be in center of city. I am really not demanding. Just need a roof over my head and safe place to leave a bike ;)
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Lugemata postitus Postitas Aatomik » 11 Juun 2005, 20:39


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Lugemata postitus Postitas Külaline » 11 Juun 2005, 20:43

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Lugemata postitus Postitas Cowboy » 11 Juun 2005, 22:38

Den dobre pan

Keep your normal lights on all the time, due to Estonian law
Have enough glycol, especially during wintertime
Speed limit
Urban Areas 50 km/h
Country Areas 90 km/h (- 110km/h) No highway's
ALCOHOL - Permitted alcohol concentration in blood is up to 0,2 per milles.
Dont drink and drive!

http://www.baltinfo.ee/index.php?new_lang=en Baltinfo
http://www.hiiumaa.ee/index.php?keel=2 Hiiumaa
http://www.saaremaa.ee/eng/ Saaremaa

http://www.webmarine.ee Port info
http://www.portoftallinn.ee Port of Tallinn
http://www.teletorn.ee/index.php?lang=eng Tallinn TV Tower
http://www.waide.ee/ Waide motell http://www.viastop.ee/ Plekoltee
http://www.revalhotels.com/eng/olympia/? Revalhotell
http://www.turismiweb.ee/en/ Tourism and Travel in Estonia
http://www.maaturism.ee/new/index.php?keel=eng Estonian Rural Tourism

http://www.visitestonia.com/ Welcome To Estonia
http://www.riik.ee/en/ Official State Web Center
http://handbook.infoatlas.ee/ Estonian Handbook 2005
http://www.estonica.org/ Encyclopedia about Estonia - Estonica
http://www.vm.ee/eng Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
http://lex.andmevara.ee/estlex/misonestlexe.jsp Estlex

http://www.wifi.ee/?p=area&lang=eng Internet & WiFi
http://www.skype.com/ http://www.skype.com/intl/ Skype
http://www.tallinn.info/webcam/ Tallinn citycam - LIVE
http://www.portoftallinn.ee/port_info/webcam.shtml Port Webcam
http://www.1182.ee/eng/ Ekspress Hotline 1182
http://www.infoweb.ee/?lang=en Infoweb.ee
http://www.eniro.ee/eniro/eniro.php?&lang=en Eniro.ee

Finland (FIN)

http://www.sarkanniemi.fi Tampere Sarkanniemi
http://www.tykkimaki.fi/fi/index.php Tykkimaki
http://www.lillbacka.com/powerpark/Finn ... epage.html Powerpark
http://www.ahtari.fi/256529.aspx Ahtari http://www.ahtarinelainpuisto.fi/ ZOO
http://www.rantasipi.fi http://www.rantasipi.fi/hotelli.cfm?id=Rseden Eden

Sweden (S)

http://www.kolmarden.com/ Zoo, delfinaarium ja safari jm.
http://www.tropicarium.se/ http://www.tropicarium.se/e-haj1.html

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Lugemata postitus Postitas uwe » 04 Juul 2005, 10:54

Wow, what an interesting list of links. Thank you, cowboy, I've just put it in my bookmark list.



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