Marocco Offroad Mid October 2016-riders wanted

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Marocco Offroad Mid October 2016-riders wanted

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Greeting adventure seekers,

Soon another autumn, I would thoroughly overpass. Heart rate will accelerate as imagining again be able to enjoy a proper freedom of the bike and go where your eyes show, so I have decided to make a third trip to Morocco. Looking back at the past two trips have already been made, where the second was much, much better than the first, and hopefully it leads to think that the third will be even better.

There are now oppurtunity to join one or two riders
Taking into account the experience of previous years and given the specifics of the expected drive there are the following minimum requirements for participants.

1. desire
Must be willing to enjoy the taste of freedom in all its glory.

2. abilities
This requirement shall be divided into several parts.

a) the need for reliable adequate max 150kg bike that can withstand up to 330KM per day. MIN cruise speed over asphalt 100km / h, the total drive will be in km from 3000 to 4000 from 12 to 14 days. The first and last day of asphalt 100%. Skill to maintain your bike optional is very,very good thing.

b) Must have experience and good driving skills in Offroad / enduro, which gets the ability to run adequately fast within their capacities and skills to find a balance between speed / risk / other driver abilities. A common test outing MANDATORY, or show me, explain me how you ride.

c) physically fit to withstand a long day on the bike (got up, eat, ride all day,shower, eat, sleep, repeat). The ability to tolerate well a warm and dry climate, as there may be less acute cold moments in the mountains.

d) Ability to work in a team.

e) Time-trip journey LATVIA Riga-JOURNAY-Riga-mentioned 18 days APROX

Departure from Riga between 19-20 October
Yet the idea IS to stick to the traditional start of the route Riga / trailer / Barcelona,Marocco ​​it gives a simpler opportunity to evacuate in case of technical breakdown.

In short
Some moments here

Mid-October to the end of October
~ 18 days

Enduro Rally style touring+ + fantastic sights all day riding, believe me
From last two years i can tell the exact amount of money needed. A to Z will be ~ 1.500Eur all inclusive (transport to Barcelona in trailer,ticket to ferry,food &fuel for 12-14 days,hosting,ETC ), YOU NEED YOUR OWN BIKE.

if Interested, write me ASAP
Call me+371 29607465 lv,ru,eng


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