Stolen: Triumph Speed Four (red) from Helsinki Finland

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Stolen: Triumph Speed Four (red) from Helsinki Finland

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FOUNDED from Hyvinkää Finland (approx 50 km from Helsinki) during Police traffic control - officers tries to stop bike which end up to high speed pursuit.

Now bike is in my garage and is waiting to get repaired. Mainly in good shape.

Thx for everyone,



STOLEN during weekend from Helsinki Finland.

2006 (2007)
License plate: ZS-95 (Fin)

From Centrum of Helsinki Finland (Päivärinnankatu 4).

- Red motorcycle - probably only red S4 in Finland.
- Remus slip-on silencer.
- Driven 33 200 km.
- Iron Butt Association license plate text.
- Right rear passenger foot rest secured with strap.
- Red-black-grey gas tank cover.
- Warning instructions tape in gas tank.
- Manual in swedish.
- Limited throttle bar movement.

If something don't hesitate to contact me +358 445 538 228 or local police.



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