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via Iirimaa by mbike

Postitatud: 01 Jaan 2020, 22:38
Postitas -motochic-

Tere terve see pere ja head uut aastat kõigile!
Kas keegi teist plaanib sel kevadel/suvel reisida Tallinnast Iirimaale selliselt, et tsikkel transpordiga saata (näiteks Dublinisse)? Soovin oma tsikli kevadel/suvel Iirimaale saata, kuid odavaim võimalus oleks seda teha kui koos pundis saata (sest ühe tsikli transport on ca 900€).
Tänan info eest.

Re: via Iirimaa by mbike

Postitatud: 03 Jaan 2020, 20:35
Postitas Eric

Hello, Why not ride the bike there. I travel to Ireland and back to Estonia most years. I am Irish living in Tartu. You can get a ferry from Latvia to Germany drive to Calais in France and then a ferry to Dover in UK and then across the UK to Pembroke in Wales then another ferry to Roslare in Ireland. The journey takes usually 3 days. I can give you details if interested, It is a very nice trip. Eric.