Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting (HU Latvia) 29-31.mai 2020

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Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting (HU Latvia) 29-31.mai 2020

Lugemata postitus Postitas randel » 27 Veebr 2020, 21:54

Jagan infot mai lõpus Lätis toimuva motomatkajate ürituse kohta. Ürituse korraldajaks on Läti TETi rajameister Martins, kes palus mul infot Eestis edasi jagada.

Mis: Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting (HU Latvia)
Kus: Smeceres Sils, Lazdonas pag., Madona, Latvia LV4824 (GPS: 56.841053, 26.190789)
Millal: 29-31. mai, 2020

Ürituse täpsem info: https://www.facebook.com/events/559662901519589/

Hi, Traveler!

If you are planning an adventure travel on your motorcycle (or off-road car or simply on a bicycle) also this year, and if your road is heading to the Baltics during the time when summer take the place of the spring - don't miss the first true Baltic Traveler Meeting! Adventure seekers association apPasaule (or Two Wheels - as we are known to the international public) in cooperation with Horizons Unlimited, a global organization that unites travelers worldwide, is hosting an unprecedented three-day event in Latvia and the Baltics - Horizons Unlimited Travelers Meeting (HU Latvia) on May 29-31, 2020. Plan your Northern Europe tour with us and meet like-minded travelers, listen to their stories and reveal your own experiences, take part in exciting master classes, find out news from travel equipment manufacturers and dealers, and spend a few evenings listening to Latvian music, roasting sausages in a bonfire and performing some special traveler dance in the starlight ... ;)

HU Latvia will include the excellent international experience of our partners - such events have been held all over the world for almost 20 years. And we will definitely add our Latvian mood and world view, so that the impressions would be unforgettable and Latvia would become the country to return to for the travelers visiting us. The town of Madona, which could be called the capital of one of our most beautiful regions, has been chosen as the venue for the event. Although Latvia is not a mountain country, Madona's surroundings with picturesque hills are considered to be the highlands of our land - here the highest hills of Latvia rise against the sky. Highlanders may not understand us, but we like it here quite much, and in the winter, we even go downhill skiing on some slopes of the area ... ;)
The base of our event, Smeceres Sils, is an internationally recognized sports center, where the main sports activities take place specifically in winter. But during summer, this place is perfect for travelers like us. There are plenty of great places to spend time in tents, as well as a number of well-appointed dwellings that can accommodate travelers who have left the tent at home this time. The travelers' storytelling places will be set up in the well-suited base headquarters, where even multiple storytelling sessions can take place at the same time. Very beautiful forest paths have been set up in Smecere Sils, for travelers to be able to escape the bustle of the event and enjoy the peace of the forest in Latvia. There is a biathlon shooting range, rope trails and even a motocross track at the base, and also there will be additional activities for participants.

In short, Traveler and adventurer - on the last weekend of May 2020, we are waiting for you in Latvia, in Madona, in Smecere Sils! You have to be there!!! You’ll enjoy it... ;)

Martins Sils, TET Latvia Linesman, and Two Wheels team!

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Re: Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting (HU Latvia) 29-31.mai 2020

Lugemata postitus Postitas Erci » 27 Veebr 2020, 22:28

Käisin eelmine aasta HU Montenegro kokkutulekul. Iga üritus on muidugi oma näoga, kuid matkahuviline ilmselt pettuma ei pea, sest saab omasugustega maailma asjadest rääkida. Ehk mingi aeg avaldatakse ka info kas keegi esitlusi teeb ja mis teemadel. Ühe kogemuse põhjal igatahes soovitan.

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Re: Horizons Unlimited Travellers Meeting (HU Latvia) 29-31.mai 2020

Lugemata postitus Postitas iSlanderEST » 27 Veebr 2020, 22:49

Ma täitsa plaanin minna


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