Touring the baltics and Poland

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Re: Touring the baltics and Poland

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Tourist attractions and biker events? Is bike theft a big problem in Estonia and the other baltic countries?
I will be travelling alone.
Depends, how many days are you planning to stay in Estonia, if 1 or 2, then you wont see much, if 3 to 5, then you have time to see much of great things. Let us know and then we can give you better advice.
About bike theft, seems that this problem is getting bigger every year :cry: I think your bike wont be as big danger as local bikes, because the recent bike thefts have been kind of "organized crime" type, -many bikes have been stolen from their garages this spring.
But always use a brake disc lock or U-lock, then you leave your bike out of sight.

it's a honda. ride it like you stole it, change the oil once in a while. enjoy.

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