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No. I didnt try with Wells beer with whiskey. But almost every other beer i did with. :D

Last year we went with bikes to Scotland, and it was very nice. But travelling was very slow, because every time we stopped and stayed over night somewhere, people were surprised to see Finnish guys with bikes and English numberplates. And in the evening we did drink whiskey and beer. A lot. So people wanted to chat with us.You know, style was like this: Where are you going?- To bed- No no no, lets have one more, its on me. And one , and one more....So we woke up like 10 or 11 clock in the morning.And terrible hangover. But Scottish weather was good for headache.The scenery was great: ... rtwilliam/

And Ive been in southern Estonia many times. My sweetheart lives there :wink:

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